Joliet File System for Mac OS 7-9

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Important: This is software for the "dead" Mac OS 9 system.
It does not work with Mac OS X!


All versions are now free! See below.

Version 2.1 is ready. New features include:

Note that while this version appears to be still a beta test version, many people have tried it and no new problems have been found. So, I suggest that you use this new version 2.1b5 instead of the 2.0.3 version, and ignore the "beta" warnings in the accompanying note.

You may download 2.1b5 here.




What it does

Basically, this System Extension enhances the way your Macintosh computer can read CD-ROMs from other platforms, mainly Windows.

Note: This software is only suitable for Mac OS 9.2.2 and earlier (down to System 7.5.5), but can not be used in OS X.

Until now, if you inserted a Windows CD-ROM in your Mac, file names appeared to be crippled (in the so-called 8.3 format) or files may have been inaccessible. This Joliet extension is designed to solve these problems.

Especially, if you have CD-ROMs with the following contents you'll likely benefit from this enhancement:

For more information, you can view the Read Me file of the freeware version 1.4.2 or read user's comments (and add your own).

Here's two pictures to show you the difference:

Before (basic Mac OS installation, after changing the View to "as List"):

Without JVA

After (with Joliet Volume Access installed):

With JVA

Note that not only the file names are not mangled any more but that also all the files have proper Icons and Kind explanations, allowing you to open the files from the CD with a simple double click.


About the new Shareware Version

The current version 2.0 and later ones will not be free any more, but will cost a little. Still, you can download it and try it out, but if you want to use it, you are expected to pay for it.

I don't want to force you into paying for this, but I have put a lot of efforts into this software with the focus on providing you with a stable and enjoyable product, and I will be very happy about every individual who can make a financial contribution to me for my work.

Note (as of Mar 2008): This software is not Shareware any more - it is now free. So, ignore all the notes on requirement for payment and instead go here to get a free registration code

The regular single user/family price is US$15, with a discounted price of $9 for students and other low-income groups. See the order web page for more details.

Version 2.0 has a lot of improvements. A few of them are:

Planned features for the next major release (2.1)

If the interest for this new shareware version is big enough, I am going to release an improved version that will support long file names under Mac OS 9 even better:

While the Finder in Mac OS 9 is still limited to 31 characters in file names, more and more 3rd party applications start to support longer names (up to 256 characters). Examples are ZipIt and Kilometre Browser. The next version of Joliet Volume Access may support these applications so that they can use the full, unlimited names on Joliet and Rock Ridge CDs without the need of the comments field if the name if exceeding the 31 char limit.


About the old Freeware Version

If you can't afford the shareware version, you may still use the older free version 1.4.2. That version is, of course, a little limited in features compared to the new shareware version. However, the free version 1.4.2 is otherwise very stable and has apparently worked for many thousands of users without problems.



Version 2 is shareware (that means: you are expected to pay for it if you use it, but please download and try it first to see if it works for you!). Works with System 7.6 up to OS 9.2.2. This version is full-featured with the following restrictions: Changes to the settings will not be preserved between restarts of the computer and inserting a CD for the first time will display a shareware reminder. Both restrictions can be removed once you pay for this product.
Download Version 2.0.3 here (631 KB)

Download Version 2.1b5 here (for new features see above, under News)

Version 1.4.2 is the last cost free version, released June 3, 2001. It works with System 7.1 or later (before Mac OS 7.5.5 you will have to install another extension, see the docs for details).

Download the free Version 1.4.2 here (75 KB)

More previous versions are available here.

See here for known problems with all versions.


Price information and Purchasing

Since March 2008, this product is now released at no cost.

To register the program so that it stops showing reminders to pay for it, launch the Joliet Control Panel. In the Preferences window, under the "Registration" tab, press the "Enter Code" button.

In the new window that appears, enter the following information exactly as shown (make sure you use the proper upper/lower case letters, Copy & Paste works, too):

First field: Free Version
Second field: 36513

Press the OK button and you are done.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What about support for Mac OS X?

Apple is supposedly working on their own implementation for that. I have not tried it out myself yet, but others told me that it works somehow, although not perfectly, already. (Note: Do not ask me about OS X issues as I like to stay away from OS X as long as possible because I do not like Unix or the way how some Unix programmers mess with the good old Mac UI and philosophy)

I have a Windows network connection, Windows-formatted hard disks, ZIP, JAZ etc.
Can you make it possible to see the long file names on them, too?

Sorry, no. Those are different formats that are not compatible with ISO/Joliet, and it would require me to write a completely new software to handle those. Not an option currently.

Version History


Known problems, issues and solutions (as of June 8, 2003)


More Information about the ISO 9660 and Joliet formats


Other links about Cross-Platform file exchange and CD-ROM troubleshooting

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